Anyone using Twilio on Aptible?

I’m having trouble with using it with HTTP Basic auth over Aptible

They do it in a slightly weird way;

A customer actually wrote a new library for Go with Twilio. Auth handling can be viewed here:

My team is about to kick off a project that involves texting and/or emailing a single sign on link to allow patients to go in and access their health record. I know someone gave a great presentation on how he was able to achieve this several months back.

  1. Any update on how to workaround and is there anything you might be able to share?

  2. Does anyone know if Twilio signs BAA’s?

  3. Has anyone else done something similar and have any recommendations?

We generate auto-login links that we use in some of our emails so that our customers can quickly access their saved quotes. I’d be happy to share the process of how we create the secure login tokens that we use in links

If you’re using text messages, you’re basically just doing 2 factor authentication. I.e., instead of sending them a special link, just send them a regular link along with a numeric token (e.g. you could say “View your profile at and enter code 123456”)

re 2) Not sure about the Twilio BAA’s, but you could look into Plivo

@Philonous @kubacki - are there any other compliant texting services that y’all would recommend? Minimally, a service that allows you to send SMSs and receive SMS responses and redirect them to a web-service. Taking a look at Wellpass as well.