Aptible and versions

Is the best way to check the live version of DBs in the Github repos?

For example for Elasticsearch, is the version at tag latest guaranteed to the the current version deployed?

We only deploy database images from versioned tags now. So for elasticsearch, we’re currently deploying the build coming from the 1.5 tag

In general, you can look for the tag with the highest version and that’ll be what we’re currently building/deploying

That’s true of all of our database repos right now.

You can request specific versions, though. For minor database version changes, we can alter an existing/provisioned database

For major versions, we can provision a specific, earlier, supported DB version.

What’s the benefit of using aptible’s version vs what’s on docker hub?

In the most common use case, they are pretty similar/interchangeable.


  1. does security updates enforced by integration tests in the image and its dependencies (but I’d be surprised if the Docker Hub images didn’t include the same security updates, sans integration tests)
  2. Mirror the image across multiple registries