Aptible deploy docker image from CI


So I’ve set up my circle ci to build and test my applications docker image. I would like CI to be able to directly deploy my tested image to aptible with the new aptible cli deployment feature. Is there a way to authorize CI to use aptible deploy without requiring an interactive login?


You’ll need to log in using the CLI to be able to call aptible deploy. The CLI supports non-interactive usage for aptible login, which is what you’ll need to use here: https://www.aptible.com/documentation/enclave/cli/login.html

We recommend creating a separate user in Aptible for your CI platform.


@thomas So would you need to disable 2FA for this CI account?

I tried using the toolbelt somewhere I wasn’t logged in and saw a message about using an environment variable instead of logging in. I can’t find any docs on that so would appreciate any info you could share.


@rob :

  • Indeed, you’d have to disable 2FA on the robot account
  • There is indeed an environment variable called APTIBLE_ACCESS_TOKEN that can be used to provide the CLI with an access token, but that wouldn’t be useful in your scenario: you need to login to generate the access token in the first place.