Health check with Websocket endpoint

Is it possible to deploy a websocket app to Aptible?

I’ve tried to push an app with newer version of netty-socketio v1.7.12 (Socket IO in Java) library but the health check was timing out on me.

The strange thing that if I use v1.7.8 of the library the app works fine.

Aptible does support websockets out of the box.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Are you sure your app is listening on the same port that is declared using an EXPOSE directive?
  • Are you sure your app is expecting websocket traffic over HTTP (as opposed to HTTPS?)
  • Does your image expose multiple ports?

The health check takes a while to fail (10 minutes - we plan to reduce that), but I suggest waiting until it ends; that’ll provide more specific information regarding why it failed. If you did wait, what was the final reported error?