Lets Encrypt Wildcard SSL Cert Support


It appears that Lets Encrypt now supports wildcard SSL cert generation. Will that feature be available for the Aptible managed HTTPS endpoint feature? If so, approximately when will that be released?


Yes, we are indeed planning to add support for those. Right now, we’re in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for open-source ACME clients to be updated to support ACMEv2 (wildcard certificates require using ACMEv2 — Let’s Encrypts second-generation API), so I don’t have a precise ETA. That said, we might also opt to roll out our own client if the wait is too long for third-party clients to catch up on ACMEv2.

Long story short: yes, we’re planning to support this, but I don’t have a precise ETA at the time. It’s definitely something we want to get out there, though.

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This is coming soon! :smile:

This is now live! https://www.aptible.com/changelog/managed-tls-endpoints-now-support-wildcard-domains/

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