Logical Replication pglogical error

I’m following How to upgrade PostgreSQL with logical replication but I encountered an unexpected error:

INFO – : Error: “pglogical” must be in master database’s “shared_preload_libraries”

According to GitHub - aptible/docker-postgresql: PostgreSQL on Docker , pglogical should be avaialble. Is there something I need to do to install/enable it?

Based on the error you shared it sounds like the shared_preload_libraries setting has probably been modified to add another library to the setting and no longer includes pglogical (which you can confirm by running SHOW shared_preload_libraries; ). You can either run ALTER SYSTEM RESET shared_preload_libraries; to reset the setting to the default value, or you can run ALTER SYSTEM SET to modify and add pglogical to the setting. You’ll need to reload the database to apply the change.