Stop environments rather than deprovision them

I’m a day 1 newbie to Aptible and just playing around with the capabilities.

It’s often useful and cost effective to be able to provision development and testing environments quickly and only run them for a short period at a time.

I’ve set up the demo app and now I’d like to stand it down rather than burn $169 per month (albeit of free credit for now). The only way I can see to do this is Deprovision which is permanent. Am I missing something?

You can set the number of containers for an App to 0 in control panel or via CLI. That way, you can always bump them up to > 0 when you’re ready to run and then set them back to 0 when you’re done. That way they don’t disappear. We’ve used this feature before when we are testing a new app alongside our existing environment and just need to run it for a short period of time. I’m pretty sure Aptible doesn’t charge you for Apps that have a container count of 0.

Thanks Norm. Is there anything you can do with databases?

Hi Nick, for development and testing environments, we’d suggest that you implement a database migration that loads your testing dataset into a new database, so that you can create them on-demand only when you need them. Ultimately, we can’t store your data for no charge.