Using aptible-api gem with Rails 5

Are there plans to update the aptible-api gem to work with Rails 5?

Upgrading to Rails 5 is failing because:

aptible-api (>= 0) ruby depends on
aptible-auth (>= 0.5.0) ruby depends on
activesupport (~> 4.0) ruby

Please let us know when you are planning to update aptible-auth to allow a more recent version of activesupport so we can upgrade to Rails 5!

Hi Ruth,

We don’t have immediate plans to upgrade these dependencies in the aptible-cli gem. Instead of installing the Aptible CLI using gem install aptible-cli, we now recommend installing via the Aptible Toolbelt packager, which has builds for macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and RHEL — so it should work both on your local computer as well as in any CI environment:

The Aptible Toolbelt has the advantage that it comes with an embedded Ruby/RubyGems, so that there can never be any conflict with your own gemset or Bundler Gemfile. This also means Aptible Toolbelt is much faster than gem-installed aptible-cli to load, because of some inefficiencies in RubyGems’ dependency resolution.

Hope that helps!

— Frank