Another logging option: LogDNA

I was looking around for options and came across LogDNA. In terms of pricing, they are similar to SumoLogic. However, they offer the ability to pay for only what you use rather than for a specific log amount. For some use cases, I can imagine this would save some money and for others be prohibitive.

I’ve been impressed with their product and find the interface to be the best of the bunch of companies who will sign BAAs so thought I’d share.

Thanks for sharing this here @rob ! How was the set up experience to integrate LogDNA with Enclave?


It was simple. I used “Syslog Over TCP / TLS” and it worked without a hitch.

Awesome; thanks!

I failed to mention there is a $200 monthly minimum for BAA accounts. So not as attractive as I initially thought but still a strong offering.

Just a quick update here: we now have guided set up for LogDNA in the Dashboard!


can you offer a link with more details or something? thanks thomas!

We have documentation on Log Drains in general here.

For LogDNA in particular, you’ll find this in the Dashboard under Log Drains when creating a new one. It’s the first button you’ll see.

+1 on LogDNA, took me less than 10 mins to set up

Agreed, LogDNA is very easy to use and fast to set up. Apparently they offer HIPAA plans as low as $100/mo but require an annual agreement (not so bad since i plan on staying anyway)