Solution for logs AND metrics?


I love Aptible’s push-button integrations… I have tried SumoLogic for logs and DataDog for metrics. Both were really easy to set up. The question I have is whether Aptible can get both data types into either of those services, meaning: Is there a way to get metric data over to Sumo Logic? or Is there a way to get logs into DataDog? I’d love to be able to leverage one tool to look at both data streams.


Currently, we don’t support those, but I’ve made a note that they were requested here.

That said, for logs in particular, one option is to run something like Logstash as an App on Aptible, and route your logs there (using an Aptible Log Drain, using e.g. syslog or HTTPS) for processing and routing. With this approach, you can route your logs wherever you’d like.


Thanks, Thomas. I did notice myself that DataDog supports Logstash as a source. But if I have separate environments for qa, demo, and prod, would I have to run 3 instances of Logstash to get each environment’s logs to DD?


Not necessarily. If you’re running your own app to process logs, you’re free to do whatever you want, including routing all your logs through a single instance of said app. The main (only?) caveat you should consider is that your app needs to be accessible from all your environments.


Just an update in case anyone is following. I have a logstash container now forwarding logs to Datadog. Hope to get a write-up of it this month, but if anyone is curious before then, feel free to ping me.