Anyway for an SSH session to consume resources of a specific container?

I sometimes have to run very heavy processes when I SSH into an app. I noticed the memory of the SSH session uses up memory from the web process. Is there anyway to choose a different process to eat up memory?

Hey Waleed,

Your dev environment appears to be running on a v1 stack, which would explain this behavior. You can check your environment/stack mappings in your org settings, under “Environments”.

On v2 stacks, app containers and SSH sessions run on separate hosts, meaning they will not share underlying RAM. In addition, v2 stacks support memory management.

To get a shared v2 environment, you can just provision a new environment and migrate your v1 dev environments over. If you (or anyone reading) has a v1 dedicated stack, just drop us a note at to schedule the migration.

Thanks, let me know if this answers your question.

The issue occurred on production, and our production uses v2 from what I see

That sounds unexpected and would merit a closer look. Can you please send a ticket to with the app and environment handles, and timestamps when you’ve noticed this? Better yet would be steps to reproduce.