Configuring hosted redis

Is there any way in the hosted Redis’ to set redis.conf values?
I’m specifically looking to set notify-keyspace-events to E and want the setting to be durable rather than going config set

Hey Hylas.

Not right now. as you mention, any config sets won’t last past a restart. if the config change is something that’s generally useful, we’ll add it to our standard Docker image for the database. In this case, i don’t think we want to add that option for everyone.

Custom database environments (that could affect config files) are a feature that people have asked for in the past and it’s on our radar.

We use redis keyspace notification for simple queues to watch expiry on certain keys to trigger services to do things, so it’s pretty helpful for us.

In this case, and this is redis specific, there might be a workaround - depending on how you’re interacting with redis, maybe you could run any config sets you need to in a before_release hook in an .aptible.yml file for the service that needs to receive the keyspace notification?

A before_release hook runs before your app starts (, which would probably mean that you’d have to restart the service whenever the database restarted. But again, a database restart is a very infrequent event

Yah I’m getting it set up in my Dockerfile with a script if i can’t set it on the dashboard/etc

…sorta kludge-y, but in case anybody else wants it: RUN NODE_PATH=/app/node_modules /app/vendor/node/bin/node /app/redis-config.js