Memcached server

Is anyone running their own memcached server within Aptible? We’ve been using Memcachier but I am wondering if it might be better to move it into our Aptible environment.

I found this GitHub - fancyremarker/docker-memcached: Memcached on Docker, with SASL support, but it hasn’t been updated recently so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with running memcached on Aptible.

Thanks for your help!


It looks like there’s actually an official memcachd docker image on DockerHub: that you could probably use.

That said, depending on your use-case, you might be able to replace Memcached with Redis. If, for example, you’re using it to back Rails’ caching mechanism, I think the switch is a simple as setting config.cache_store = :redis_cache_store and specifying some config options.

The benefit of redis being that aptible does have direct support for it as a database type: aptible db:create some-name --type=redis.