Deploy React and Rails in the same subdomain

We want to deploy a React app that can be accessed in the root path ( and a Rails app that can be accessed in a subdomain ( How can we do this in aptible?

Hi Maximiliano,

I’ll make two thoughts first, which aren’t exactly the answer you’re looking for, but highlight a few concerns and recommendations I’d have if I was in your situation.

Hosting on an Domain Apex:
Hosting on the apex of a domain (such as instead of can introduce complexity for DNS/hosting. While this is possible on the Aptible platform, it requires some special attention, and if I was in your situation, I’d lean more towards hosting in the following manner:

For instructions on hosting at the apex domain on Aptible, see: Using Domain Apex with Endpoints

Assuming that you move forward with hosting the apex domain on Aptible, you’ll then need to consider hosting your own nginx reverse proxy to handle the routing of traffic as you highlight in your example. Starting points:

In short, your solution would involve:

  • hosting an nginx reverse proxy layer with endpoints having the apex record for as mentioned above, routing to the api layer, and to the react app
  • hosting the react app on an endpoint used as an upstream by the nginx reverse proxy layer
  • hosting the api on an endpoint used as an upstream by the ngixn reverse proxy layer

In my opinion, the above solutions involves a bit more complexity and cost (for the additional nginx layer), and I would steer away from it personally. However, it can be done, along the lines mentioned above.