Docker + error logging

Anyone know of a good practice for logging/tracking errors in a node app via docker?

@hylas I actually wouldn’t opt for a Docker-specific solution. Here at Aptible we use Sentry for logging errors from Rails and Node apps.

You can use the SaaS Sentry, or run it self-hosted on Aptible by deploying this code as an Aptible app:

The reason for using ours would be if you’re capturing PHI in the backtraces your app sends to Sentry. It wouldn’t be acceptable to send PHI to SaaS Sentry unless you have a BAA with them, and as of the last time I checked, they don’t sign a BAA.

@colby do you send your log drains to Sentry… I followed the guide step by step, it works, I can log in, but I cant get of my servers to log there. How do I bind my log drain to sentry and my servers as well.

Hi Lorenzo,

General support requests should go to our support system. I’ve followed with you there. Thanks!