Help with docker container deployment

Looking for resource to help with deploying a docker container straight to aptible.

We’re looking to self-host Git Lab but I’m pretty new to docker, so not sure if this is easily do-able

Hey Xiaosong,

I’m not sure GitLab would be a great fit for hosting as an app on Aptible at this time: apps on Aptible don’t have persistent disk storage (meaning that every time you deploy, you get a brand new, empty disk), but disk is where GitLab would store your repos.

In other words, every time you re-deploy GitLab (which we might even have to do on your behalf if the instance it’s running on is degraded), all your repos would be lost.

We are investigating offering persistent storage for containers in the future, but it’s not available yet. In the meantime, you might want to use e.g. hosted GitLab (or Github) to host your code.