Persistent file storage

I’ve chatted with @aptible before about possibly being able to use Amazon’s EFS in the future… but for now, if I have need of storing many files (such as uploads to wordpress or redmine, etc.) what are my options on Aptible (or Docker in general)?

I see a lot of discussion around data-only containers, etc. but I’m not sure how those are managed (backed up, synchronized across containers, etc).

This seems like a major area to me, but doesn’t seem to affect others??

We’re using SFTP. Aptible provides a database type for this. It’s not ideal, but works so far:

aptible db:create --type sftp [sftp-database-handle-name]

Interesting… does it expose something like a filesystem to you?

Just a standard SFTP interface; which is why it’s not ideal…had to write some wrapper code to create directories, etc. But you could possibly just use S3 as well.


S3 is probably better if you don’t also have the requirement that end users send the files through SFTP

Can I get an s3 bucket created? Are push-button s3 buckets likely in the hand-waving’ly-near future?

No, no plans for us to wrap or replace S3

We recommend you use S3 directly since it’s cheap, stable, has a great API, and doesn’t cost any more to use with a BAA.

Makes sense. Just trying to limit the number of accounts I have to hand over when we’re done. :fearful:

I’m just getting started with Aptible and have a requirement to provide sftp which our clients will use to send us files. Are you willing to share your wrapper code that creates directories?