Installing Certbot SSL

Anyone have experience using Certbot to generate their .crt? I’m looking for my webroot and unfortunately don’t see it anywhere (checked /usr/share/, /etc/, and /var/). Is there any guidance on installing a Let’s Encrypt cert?

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We’re going to add native support for Let’s Encrypt certs very soon. Watch this space!

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+1 on this, I’m currently manually renewing our Let’s Encrypt certs every 3 months for every external domain.

I’m curious if anyone’s tried looking at the way this was solved for a [Heroku app] (

Or could the [cloudfoundry] ( option work?

Hi there!

I have good news! Support for Let’s Encrypt shipped on Aptible’s backend today, and the frontend is practically ready (see: The official release will most likely happen late this week or early next week.

If you’d like to get early access to this feature, we can set it up for you in the backend (i.e. without using the Dashboard). If that’s your case, please contact us via To be clear: this is a fully managed option. Once enabled, we’ll provision and automatically renew and install your certificates.

Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:

We’ve released Let’s Encrypt support in the Dashboard a little earlier today!

To get started, you can navigate to the Endpoints tab for the app of your choice, and create a New Endpoint of type “Managed HTTPS”. Then, just follow the steps on screen.

This setup is a one-time thing. As soon as the Endpoint is set up, we’ll take care of automatically renewing the cert, etc.

Do note a few restrictions:

  • Currently, you can’t upgrade an existing endpoint to use Let’s Encrypt. If you have an existing endpoint you’d like to upgrade to use Let’s Encrypt, see below.
  • Each Managed HTTPS endpoint can only serve one domain (doing otherwise makes renewal risky for us; this is something we might add in the future, but it’s not available now). If you have multiple domains you want to use Let’s Encrypt with, you’ll need to set up one Endpoint for each of them.

If you have an existing Endpoint you want to use Let’s Encrypt with, you should:

  • Create a new Endpoint for the domain (or one Endpoint for each domain) the app is using.
  • Select Managed HTTPS, and choose a transitional certificate (the certificate you’re currently using).
  • Follow the steps on screen.

We’ll have an official announcement out later this week! In the meantime, feel free to let us know here if you hit any snags / have any questions!