Migrating SFTP to AWS Transfer Family

We are currently looking into AWS Transfer Family as an option for our data flow pipeline. Would you be able to provide any guidance in how we’d might be able to swap out our Aptible SFTP server for TF as a means of SFTPing files directly to s3? Any use cases, playbooks, etc would be greatly appreciated.

We’ve not worked with AWS Transfer Family nor has anyone asked about it before so all we can provide is generic advice at this time.


Since you’re swapping out one SFTP server for another, everyone should be able to access and use the Transfer Family server in the same way you’re currently using the Aptible SFTP Database once it’s set up.


Assuming you’re using the Aptible-provided add-sftp-user command to add users to the SFTP server, these instructions on how to create a user on the Transfer Family server work similarly and result in a similar configuration. The user will only be able to log in with their SSH key and can only access files in their home directory.

Migrating Files

There are many ways to transfer files between two SFTP servers and I’m not sure what the best method is in this situation. Since Aptible SFTP Databases are configured so that users can only access the files in their home directories including the aptible user, you’ll probably have to alter the server’s configuration in order to be able to access all of the files or ssh into the Database as aptible , switch to root or use sudo , and copy all of the home directories to the /home/aptible so that you can access them as the aptible user.