Multiple Environments logging to one ELK Stack?

I am in the process of setting things up “for real” and I have a question related to the overall layout, namely, how many environments to use.

I intend to set up two applications, one that represents our demo instance and another that is production. I was going to set these up in two different Environments for sanity’s sake. Simple enough.

But I also want to capture the logs for both of them in the same ELK Stack… initially I thought that I could set up a third environment for logging and push all the data from demo and production into that Elasticsearch DB, but it appears that the Log Drain tool works only within an environment. Does that mean I have to have 2 ELK Stacks, one within the demo Environment and the other within the prod Environment.

Is there a way to achieve what I want here?


Currently, this is not supported, but it’s something we are indeed planning to add support for (presumably, you’ll be allowed to provide the URL for an ElasticSearch database, which may or may not be in the same environment).

That said, note that production and staging environments may not have network access between them. This means we won’t be able to route logs from one to the other, unless you provision a Database Endpoint to expose the DB in one environment to the other (for obvious compliance reasons, the DB will need to live in your production environment).