RunBook recommendations

Do you use a 3rd party product for a RunBook to document procedures and incidents? If you’re happy with the product and would recommend it, we’d be interested in the tip. I imagine that an on-premises app is preferred due to the sensitivity of the information but there are many cloud-hosted solutions out there today which are obviously more convenient.


Hi Norm! At Aptible, we use PagerDuty to handle all our availability and security incident workflows. One nice feature of PagerDuty is that you can embed or link to run books, as described in their “Alerting Principles” guide.

Note that we don’t keep any sensitive information in the embedded run book text. Instead, if there were any sensitive information involved in a run book, we’d store it outside of PagerDuty, and link to tht external, separately-authenticated document from PagerDuty.

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i really appreciate all this information and your help fancy remarker. i’m trying to do my own project and this is all very helpful for me. lots of thanks.

is there still anyone here? i’m trying to find some answers about my food recipes related projects and would appreciate if i could talk to someone

looks like my food recipes related project won’t get any help here…


Did you have any questions about Aptible? This community is primarily focused on Aptible’s products, Comply and Deploy. Asking specific questions about those products will make it easier for you to get answers.

If your questions aren’t specific to Aptible, then other forums like Stack Overflow or Reddit will almost certainly get you better, faster results.

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