Yubikeys and CLI

I could have sworn the aptible-cli was working with my Yubikey 4 last week. This week, it doesn’t.

Am I mis-remembering? New to Yubikey and excited about it :slight_smile:

Currently using v0.11.1 on macos.

Haha no, this was never officially supported in the CLI

As I explained in the webinar when you asked (but I’m copying this here for visibility), the state of libraries to interact with U2F keys from the command line isn’t great, but we did implement this at some point. We just never shipped it because it wasn’t stable enough.

I’ll look at trying to provide this behind a flag :slight_smile:

No worries – just letting you know I’m interested.

I just got a Yubikey (thanks Amazon Prime Day 50% off) and I could have
sworn that the key worked for the CLI in one of the last two versions of
the CLI.

In any case, not top of the list :slight_smile:

Nice Prime Day snag!