Do you support other Metric Drain destinations?

Your documentation lists support for Datadog and Influxdb but we don’t already use either of those. Will you be adding support for other metrics providers such as Sumologic?

Our users have been very successful at using Telegraf to support various destinations. Telegraf is a server agent with many integrations which can be run as an Aptible App and used to convert the format of metrics from a Metrics Drain. For example to send metrics to Sumologic (Sumologic has documentation for this also):

  • Create an Aptible App to run Telegraf
  • in Telegraf, Configure an influxdb v1 input plugin
  • Expose that input with an (internal) HTTPS Endpoint
  • Create a Metric Drain with an InfluxDB destination of your Telegraf App
  • in Telegraf, Configure the Telegraf Output Plugin for Sumo Logic

The setup for other destinations is the same as the above except that you would select the Output Plugin corresponding to your desired service (Output Plugin list for Telegraf 1.14 here), or check your provider’s documentation for Telegraf instructions. Some will require configuration of the plugin, as Sumo Logic does.