Send metric drain data to New Relic via Telegraf


I am trying to set up a metric drain using an InfluxDB database to output this data to New Relic via Telegraf. I found this earlier post describing how to accomplish and have been using it as a guide but I’m struggling to get things working.

My plan:

  1. Deploy a Telegraf app to my environment
    • Use environment variables for inputs.influxdb’s URL, username, and password
  2. Add an internal endpoint to my Telegraf app
  3. Create a new InfluxDB metric drain
    • This is where I get confused (I think).
    • Do I use the Telegraf app’s internal endpoint as an endpoint for my InfluxDB database?
    • Or when setting up my metric drain, do I need to select “InfluxDB (anywhere)” option?
      • If this is correct, do I use my Telegraf app’s hostname and port number? And what database credentials would I use? Would the credentials be for the database I want to collect metrics from?
  4. Configure Telegraf’s outputs.newrelic to output data to New Relic.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,