How to profile a command on aptible

I’m trying to profile a script on aptible, in the same environment my app runs in, on a machine of a specific size.

I’ve ran into two issues:

  1. How do I get the profiler dump from the machine to my local one (I could principally upload it to s3, annoying to setup, but doable)
  2. How do I run the profile script on a machine of the size I desire?

The hard solution I’m doing rn is to setup a worker machine with the profiling script than upload that to s3, but I feel like getting that to work will take a very long time since it takes sooo long to trial and error, so I’m curios if there are easier alternatives.

Hi George. Apologies, I’m not familiar with a profiler dump. What exactly is the script pulling information for? Is it just trying to pull the information specs of the host machine or is am I misunderstanding the ask here.


You are misunderstanding I believe, yes, I needed to profile a program (python one, using profile) – A profiler dump is just a file

At any rate, I just setup an s3 bucket and dumped the file in it.


Glad to hear you got a resolution. Let us know if you need anything else.