I can't accept my Invitation to Aptible

When I click on the “To join, please log in or sign up here:” link in the invitation email, I see the error message There was an error accepting this invitation. Perhaps the verification code has expired?

There are a few things to check if you are not able to accept an invitation:

  1. If you have not used Aptible before, you’ll need to create an account to accept the invitation with. If you have done that successfully, you should see “You are currently signed in as ${YOUR_EMAIL}” above the “Accept Invite”. This email should match the email the invitation was sent to.
  2. Aptible invitations do expire after 7 days. The invitation sender can re-send the invitation from the “Pending Invitations” tab under the organization settings.
  3. If an invitation has been re-sent, the new invitation email will have a different invitation link. Only the latest invitation link will work correctly; the old link will generate the error you’re seeing Perhaps the verification code has expired? even if the invitation was re-sent.

If you’re still encountering issues after checking the above, you can contact Aptible Support to troubleshoot further. Thanks!