Re-inviting deleted users

We have a user we’re trying to invite back to our account. They used to be an user but we had to delete the original user and now we need to add them back to our account. However, we can’t re-invite the same user here because they get an error when registering from the invite email. The error says “email is in use” when they enter their email in the create an account step. How do we get them added back to our account if they can’t create an user?

This happens because users can be part of multiple accounts in Aptible. If you remove them from your specific account, they will still exist in Aptible and can be members of other accounts. This is why they will see “email is in use” when trying to create themselves as a new user.

Please re-send your invite to this user but instead of having them create a new user, have them log in using the link you sent. They can log in using their existing credentials. If they have 2FA set up and don’t have access to their device, please have them follow the steps here.

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