Papertrail certificate rotated

Heyo - just got a reminder from Papertrail that the certificate for is being rotated (or something to that effect). It only affects log drains that were provisioned before June 2014 (which I believe affects some Aptible customers here). Is there anything to do on the app developer side to ensure that logging to continues to work? Is this change on your radar? TLS/SSL cert will change January 27 - Papertrail (edited)

Short answer here is that Aptible is using Logstash to send logs, not remote_syslog, rsyslog, or syslog-ng, so things should work out fine

This could actually be a good thing… Papertrail has had their cert bundle messed up for a while (as they mention in that post), so if they fix this, we should be able to get rid of some legacy work arounds…!