Workaround for using .dockerignore

The documentation says that .dockerignore isn’t used when building an image. Is there any way to work around this?

The simplest way to leverage your project’s .dockerignore is to build the image outside of Aptible and use Direct Docker Image Deployment. This gives you full control over the build process including the ability to use .dockerignore.

For Dockerfile Deployment, there isn’t really a viable way to utilize this file. However, usually a project’s .gitignore will exclude the same files that are in .dockerignore since the repo should generally only include the necessary files to build the project. If there are additional files being ignored at build time, I recommend evaluating if they should be added to the .gitignore as well.

Beyond that, the only other option I see is to explicitly only ADD or COPY the files/directories that you want to include in the image. If you find this to be difficult you can probably make it easier by reorganizing the project based on which files should be included in the image.