Creating an InfluxDB replica/cluster

Hello, we are trying to set up Replication and Clustering on our production databases in order to meet the recommendations listed in the “Security & Compliance” dashboard. We didn’t find how to do that in the Replicatation and Clustering documentation. Is it possible to create an InfluxDB replica?

Since clustering is only available in Enterprise (paid) InfluxDB, it is not supported on Aptible. There is an asynchronous subscription service which you may be able to use to copy all new data written to an InfluxDB Database to another, but it won’t copy any existing data.

InfluxDB Databases being used as destinations for Metric Drains as well as ElasticSearch Databases used as a destination for Log Drains can usually ignore the “Database Replication and Clustering” control as it’s not critical that access to container logs and metrics be highly-available in order to maintain business continuity.